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Round 1

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1st LilyT22
2nd Ritu Suri21
3rd hoosier20.5
4th BrainDoc(2:21)18
5th dhon53(2:49)18
6th Neal Mermelstein(3:07)18
7th Yo(4:06)18
8th Swimmer17.5
9th Bones5216
10th Game115.5
11th nins99(1:08)15
12th rascalla(2:26)15
13th Thomas Lowry(2:29)15
14th Kim Masters(2:57)14
15th bball(4:03)14
16th soccer13.67
17th josefina Ouano13
18th matthew crawley12.5
19th NMG11
20th Vitamin D10.67
21st Algologist9
22nd Astrid Clarke6.67
1st Ryan Shay22
2nd Virginia Pona21
3rd maisse45(2:48)19.5
4th Karen Poushter(3:13)19.5
5th Tribecachef(2:25)19
6th susan chen(3:12)19
7th Mr. Heffy18.5
8th RenalMed(1:46)18
9th Sophia(2:26)18
10th riptide6(3:03)17
11th Cheryl Jackson(3:38)17
12th Xander16.5
13th david gonzales(2:02)15
14th mrBobo(3:26)15
15th Boaty McBoatface(3:57)15
16th VigenNP(4:11)15
17th endo(2:05)14
18th Michael Boyd(3:52)14
19th Joancarole (Jackie) Sochin(3:08)13.67
20th PattyPain(3:29)13.67
21st Lorie Greenwood(4:22)13.67
22nd Scrambledblonde(3:05)13
23rd Playa(4:50)13
24th Speedo1312.67
25th KC Moose12.17
26th Pelosi(3:15)11
27th Stacey Bishop(4:41)11
28th missionmom(3:02)10.5
29th Lethuy Lawrence(4:33)10.5

In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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