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Round 2

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1st NMG(2:48)20
2nd soccer(2:55)20
3rd dhon5319
4th golfmaniac18
5th nins9916
6th Sbaak(2:46)14
7th Jahangir Kabir(2:57)14
8th Baron Von Brazen13.5
9th Newhart195913
10th Ritu Suri12
1st riptide6(3:28)18
2nd susan chen(4:22)18
3rd Michelle Baragona(2:59)17
4th rc59(3:08)17
5th Cheryl Jackson(2:13)16
6th mrBobo(2:36)16
7th Zebranp(2:40)16
8th Geema5(2:05)15
9th Lhoydal(2:21)15
10th PattyPain(3:47)15
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In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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