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Round 3

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1st Wilfred Watkins27
2nd Steven King26
3rd Bones5220
4th Crystal Twynham(3:23)19
5th drbillsteve(3:27)19
6th Thomas Whetston(3:44)19
7th Newhart1959(4:40)19
8th GOD(2:09)18
9th dhon53(2:23)18
10th soccer(4:03)18
1st E. Perry James22
2nd heyubear(2:05)21
3rd Speedo13(3:04)21
4th Virginia Pona(2:53)20
5th bcellbingo(3:02)20
6th Sandra Saltzer(2:05)19
7th tigger821(2:11)19
8th RenalMed(2:22)19
9th Xander(3:02)19
10th Judy Fryover18
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In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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