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Round 5

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Tournament Players

1st Baron Von Brazen20
2nd nins99(1:31)19
3rd dhon53(2:48)19
4th Yo(4:32)19
5th Chung Yuan Mui18
6th Brian Beesley(1:56)17
7th harvey gross(4:23)17
8th drbillsteve16
9th Bones52(2:46)15
10th Swimmer(2:51)15
1st riptide623
2nd Speedo1315
3rd Xander(3:50)14
4th Mr. Heffy(4:39)14
5th bcellbingo(3:41)13
6th Judy Fryover(4:29)13
7th pharmygirl(2:58)12
8th twrlgrl(3:58)12
9th rc5910
10th PattyPain9
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In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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