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Round 1

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1st Nola ID24
2nd EASY D22
3rd lolita21
4th Jeffrey Stewart(2:19)20
5th Kid capri(3:10)20
6th Anthony Edozien19
7th indiandoc(1:25)18
8th Davescat(4:06)18
9th Ramaniklal Kaneria16.67
10th David115
11th John oconnor(3:15)14
12th radha krishnan(4:09)14
13th LeThenia Baker12
14th Lsweer11
15th scopeguy(1:28)10
16th soccer(3:17)10
17th Joan McFarland9
1st Nadine KING25
2nd RHIA23
3rd mrBobo21
4th bcellbingo19
5th gjarboni18.67
6th mjnjn18
7th dog lover17
8th endo15
9th rigby14
10th NATURAL GIRL56(3:04)13
11th shadesofgay(5:57)13
12th Carmen Robinson(3:10)11
13th DEDE COLLINS(8:58)11
14th bobtastic10
15th NP20179.67

In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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