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Round 1

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1st Edina Torgyekes17
2nd Dr Pickles15
3rd DKLA14
4th dhon5313
5th daman(1:34)12
6th Swimmer(2:05)12
7th Vikki Stefans11.33
8th hoosier10
9th Dorothy Hight9
10th NMG7
1st ILoveSnoopy14
2nd EMS(3:08)10
3rd duble sam(3:50)10
4th Speedo13(2:42)9
5th Buster1512(4:40)9
6th NATURAL GIRL56(2:20)8
7th bcellbingo(2:31)8
8th maisse455.67
9th Jacket5.33
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In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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