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Round 2

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1st dhon5320
2nd mathai chalunkal17
3rd Museli(3:01)16
4th Jackie r(3:44)16
5th eider(4:30)16
6th HOMEOSTASIS(4:30)16
7th nins99(2:11)15
8th jonathan dreazen(2:32)15
9th soccer(3:45)15
10th retroclown(2:08)14
11th scopeguy(2:09)14
12th Roberto Villarreal(3:33)14
13th Rafael Avakyan(3:55)14
14th harvey gross(4:18)14
15th shrink1(4:27)14
16th Swimmer(2:38)13
17th Cathy Johnson(2:52)13
18th Billito(3:00)13
19th hoosier(3:05)13
20th Lsweer(3:43)13
21st Catmom1(4:46)13
22nd NMG(2:35)12
23rd Landers(2:54)12
24th loro(4:40)12
25th Dorothy Hight(5:02)12
26th gloum&doum(2:16)11
27th Joseph Cama(5:03)11
28th eugene saltzberg(2:53)10
29th Gerardo Olivera(4:26)10
30th Hakim(4:30)10
31st Iliana D. Micali(5:11)10
32nd Jose21cm9
33rd radha krishnan7
1st frisco18
2nd Laura Bloomfield(2:18)17
3rd Kimberlie Neal(2:54)17
4th mrBobo(3:24)17
5th SFNP60(5:57)17
6th sandra bronni(3:02)15
7th 8Thomas(4:09)15
8th Holly Hartung(5:33)15
9th Dangerzone(5:42)15
10th dak46(6:09)15
11th susan chen(2:29)14
12th dog lover(2:59)14
13th Spac(3:44)14
14th maisse45(5:09)14
15th Michael McGourty(5:33)14
16th Juju55(2:51)13
17th Bug(4:22)13
18th TallblondNP(4:33)13
19th Sarbjit Kaur(7:12)13
20th Elizabeth Seal(3:01)12
21st twrlgrl(3:28)12
22nd bcellbingo(2:17)10
23rd Mary Young(4:14)10
24th Peas(4:29)10
25th Klixo(2:00)9
26th Brenda Long(2:47)9
27th River Phoenix(3:28)9
28th tess738
29th Lisa Gayle(3:07)7
30th Virginia R Hetrick(5:16)7
31st Carmen Robinson(5:22)7

In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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