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Round 3

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1st eugene saltzberg15
2nd LHathorn1(2:01)14
3rd ddfpmd(3:07)14
4th koko(4:07)14
5th Tracie Updike(1:50)13
6th Lsweer(2:56)13
7th Jackie r(3:08)13
8th Leonardo Ortiz(4:01)13
9th Nani6(5:26)13
10th scopeguy12.67
1st dak4616.67
2nd Virginia R Hetrick16
3rd Brenda Long(2:42)14
4th Timothy Terry(3:01)14
5th Elizabeth Eden(5:15)14
6th Jack Vincent13.67
7th VigenNP(2:03)13
8th mrBobo(2:55)13
9th TeAmo(3:06)13
10th Bug(4:35)13
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In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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