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Round 5

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Tournament Players

1st retroclown(1:55)15
2nd Swimmer(2:39)15
3rd HOMEOSTASIS(3:57)15
4th nins99(1:12)14
5th jonathan dreazen(3:04)14
6th Fergmeister(1:44)11
7th mathai chalunkal(3:10)11
8th soccer(3:29)11
9th scopeguy(2:03)10
10th dhon53(2:50)10
1st Speedo13(3:14)13
2nd riptide6(3:41)13
3rd Brenda Long12
4th mrBobo(3:10)10
5th dak46(5:10)10
6th Kimberlie Neal(2:43)8
7th bcellbingo(2:57)8
8th pfinkum(4:15)8
9th Bug(5:41)8
10th Elizabeth Seal6
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In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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