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Round 1

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1st beeser24
2nd Anne Donnelly(2:48)21
3rd SUPER DOC(3:49)21
4th Pickleball Queen(4:51)21
5th trbmd(2:23)20
6th lightning(3:49)20
7th Sol Barnett(4:09)20
8th doctorjay(2:46)19
9th Val Koganski(2:58)19
10th anthony colalillo(4:29)19
1st Lana Cunningham22
2nd Cheryl Puzio21
3rd Brick(5:18)19
4th HDFNP(5:46)19
5th Dorothy Gale(4:13)18
6th Suzanne Martini(4:49)18
7th Gering(4:56)18
8th diola1121(2:14)17
9th MI FNP(3:42)17
10th dee(3:54)17
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In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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