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Round 2

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1st nins99(1:50)23
2nd trbmd(2:43)23
3rd acemotomd(3:11)23
4th 5(5:13)20
5th thomas carmena(5:19)20
6th Dr BEP(8:19)20
7th Goatguts19
8th Jsgoldmd(3:24)18
9th dhon53(3:52)18
10th John Almquist(5:34)18
1st MarshallMed21
2nd tbirdbeth(2:41)19
3rd MI FNP(3:00)19
4th cactus18
5th Christine Carlin17
6th Betsy Gaffney(3:56)16
7th Geema5(4:31)16
8th Bandit(4:35)16
9th dee(4:44)16
10th AC(6:04)16
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In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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