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Round 4

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1st hoosier(2:23)28
2nd d3clark(4:17)28
3rd spiritwalker(5:15)23
4th John Almquist(5:37)23
5th Pithy(5:51)22.67
6th Goatguts(7:13)22.67
7th mariko22
8th grobert(3:56)21
9th shedoc(4:23)21
10th drbillsteve20
1st joe vincent(5:19)28
2nd jaraki(5:25)28
3rd twrlgrl27
4th WARazor25
5th Brandon Materazzi23
6th Rick DeVuyst20.67
7th endo20
8th Dox19
9th rja815(4:08)18
10th Floater(4:53)18
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In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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